Friday, September 18, 2009

I've been featured!

Huzzah! My very first treasury feature (that wasn't made by me, hehe). It's wonderfully colorful and yet, flows well without being over the top. I just love it :) Check it out here.

AryalAmesJewelry is such a peach for including me. Definitely go check their shop out for sleek and elegant (and totally affordable!) handmade treasures ☺ Thanks so much Aryal!

End Transmission.


Anonymous said...

Ah, that gold/silver star is the best feeling. Glad I found your blog! Have a lovely weekend!

Tavi said...

There are no silver stars in my treasuries, just ones that Etsy didn't give me room to put on the main list, lol. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I'm glad you found my blog to! ♥