Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Autumn Ensemble

After putting together a lovely treasury in ode to Autumn, I realized that one of the items I chose was most likely an OOAK (one of a kind). I wrestled with that for almost a full hour before deciding that if I didn't buy it, and someone else did and it disappeared forever, it would torment me for the rest of my life. For serious. The rest of my life I would awaken in cold sweat at night, crazed about my loss. So, even though I couldn't really afford it, and am by no means financially stable enough to be throwing monies around (oh Etsy, you're so evil! So deliciously, cake-batter ice-cream evil), I totally bought it.

Maybe it was the teddy bear in the picture with it, but this dress by idea2lifestyle over at Etsy made me swoon. All I could think about was how beautiful the color was, (and how awesome it would be with my new red hair), and how I could add a subtle little alice-in-wonderland look to my days without being overt about it. 
I also had a tough time not buying the rest of these beauties to form a complete outfit (paired with my gorgeous brown boots that I hope never die!). Tell me this isn't one of the coolest outfits for Autumn?

Mini Top Hat -  $80  by GypsyLadyHats
Peridot Necklace Set - $49 by MorningGloryDesigns
Leather Arm Warmers - $30 by Briellecostumes

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