Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giving this the old college try

I set this blog up a miiiiillion years ago, but obviously never did anything with it. I used to be quite the blogger in my Myspace days, but since, have become a lazy blogger. Lazgger? Logger? Hrm.

Anyhow, I decided it was time. Last month I re-opened my Etsy shop and got down to the brass tax of being serious about it. I spent about 3, 18-hour days researching marketing tips, how to set up shop, tagging, and stalking successful seller's shops and blogs. Gleaning all the info I could about everything I could. I think it's starting to work. I've been crazy busy on the Etsy threads, been bugging bloggers about features (and actually got a few!) and have made 2 sales! Granted, one of those sales was from my Sister-in-law, but hey, she could have easily of bought from someone else, right? Right? Right. I think. I fought against the blog thing, but really, it's the natural next-step and I can't put it off forever. It's not that I don't like sharing with other people, it's that I'm a Lazgger, remember?

I realize that I don't know poop about semi-professional blogging, but hopefully this thing will get polished as I go along. Expect a good mix of personal life stuff mixed with some shameless self-promotion and raves about my favorite Etsy stuff. Cause seriously, I lurve Etsy. In the face.

And now for the shameless self-promotion. Here's a few items I've decided to relist that used to haunt my shop. I realize that I'm in Italy right now, and they're in Georgia, so they won't be shipped until I get home on the 29th of this month. I thought I'd toss them out there anyway, since it's Autumn, and 2 of them are Autumn themed.

The first thing I do when I get home is take a better set of pictures of this baby. It really is so much prettier in real life than this picture gives it credit for, and that simply won't do. I made this a few years ago when I was on a huge alternative dreamcatcher kick. I like dreamcatchers, but never really had a want for Native American decor. So I set about making dreamcatchers that were wildly different from the sort I'd seen before. I made all sorts. A delicate lacy one, a leather goth one, and then I made one out of wire that I called "east indian" and it made me giggle for the pun.

Of course the giggling stopped when I was hit with a surprise order for these from a company in Chicago that wanted 500 made in 2 weeks. I worked constantly for those 2 weeks without rest, and had so many wire cuts on my hands! I got those puppies out on time, though, and for once was able to pay my half of the rent for a few months (no one likes living with a starving artist).

I suppose I could make a few more of those, but in all honesty, that experience made me vow to never make another one ever again, lol. One day I might though, if there's ever an interest for one.

Eclectic Autumn

This is such a favorite of mine, that I'm surprised it hasn't sold yet (probably has to do with the whole, won't ship until after September 29th thing). I love jewelry, but I'm of a particular taste. I'm kind of a weird bird, so I like my clothes and jewelry (and decor, and cats, etc) to reflect that. Sometimes I get a little tired of seeing bland, boring, same old same old jewelry. I made this to remedy that. I love Autumn. Seriously. If Autumn was a man I'd marry it. I love everything about it, the wind, the chill, the gray skies, the way the trees seem to turn their leaves into priceless jewels, the crunch of those jewels under my feet, the cocoa, the scarves, everything. With luck, this necklace reflects that. When I get home, I'm probably going to be an Autumn-jewelry making demon.

The House Where Nobody Lives

In my humble opinion, Art is one of the most honest ways to express emotions. It's hard to lie with art, it really is. No matter what, parts of you are going to show through. This sculpture was made after one of the greatest heartbreaks of my life. (Ain't love grand? Usually not, unless it's between the pages of a book) This piece is so personal to me, that I almost didn't want to sell it. But another one of my humble opinions about art, is that it's to be shared. I'm not sure if this one will ever sell on Etsy, but perhaps with luck, I can get it in a gallery somewhere. It's good enough for me if it's just looked at, maybe connects with someone else who's gone through the same feelings preserved in it.

Thanks for braving this first post out with me. Stay tuned for more--same bat-time, same bat-channel ☺

End transmission.

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