Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily picture/ Day in drawings project

I haven't drawn anything in about a thousand years. I used to draw at least one serious picture a week, and was doodling any other time, but I haven't in literally forever. I moved on to other mediums and never looked back.

This is relevant because I've recently decided to jump on the "picture a day for a year" bandwagon that most photographers I know are riding at the moment. I'm not sure if the idea was posed in some popular publication that everyone but me reads or if it was some sort of spontaneous social movement, but after taking the first day's picture, I realized that I have very little pictures of myself in comparison to the mountains I have of everyone and thing else. What is the point of photography if not for some small immortality? I too would like to leave evidence of my existence behind. So I'm doing this project with my camera phone.. I'm going to try to pair each day's photo with a little page of drawings of the day's happenings, but I'm lazy and am likely to miss a few days.

07 FEB (did not have a drawing because I didn't think of it until 08 FEB)

08 FEB

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